Nokia N86 8MP - Synchronise, retrieve, or send content

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Synchronise, retrieve, or send









After the first transfer, select from the following to start

a new transfer, depending on the model:

to synchronise content between your device and

the other device, if the other device supports

synchronisation. The synchronisation is two-way. If an

item is deleted in one device, it is deleted in both. You

cannot restore deleted items with synchronisation.

to retrieve content from the other device to your

device. With retrieval, content is transferred from the

other device to your device. You may be asked to keep

or delete the original content in the other device,

depending on the device model.

to send content from your device to your other

If you cannot send an item, depending on the type of

the other device, you can add the item to the Nokia

folder, to C:\Nokia or E:\Nokia in your device. When

you select the folder to transfer, the items are

synchronised in the corresponding folder in the other

device, and vice versa.

Use shortcuts to repeat a transfer

After a data transfer, you can save a shortcut with the

transfer settings to the main view to repeat the same

transfer later.
To edit the shortcut, select





. For example, you can create or change the

name of the shortcut.
A transfer log is shown after every transfer. To view the

log of the last transfer, select a shortcut in the main

view and



View log


Handle transfer conflicts

If an item to be transferred has been edited in both

devices, the device attempts to merge the changes

automatically. If this is not possible, there is a transfer

conflict. Select

Check one by one


Priority to this


, or

Priority to other phone

to solve the



Your device