Nokia N86 8MP - Phone and SIM

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Phone and SIM












Phone and SIM card

and from the


PIN code request

— When active, the code is

requested each time the device is switched on.

Deactivating the PIN code request may not be

allowed by some SIM cards.

PIN code


PIN2 code

, and

Lock code

— You can

change the PIN code, PIN2 code, and lock code.

These codes can only include the numbers from 0 to

If you forget the PIN or the PIN2 code, contact your

service provider. If you forget the lock code, contact

a Nokia Care point or your service provider.
Avoid using access codes similar to the emergency

numbers to prevent accidental dialling of the

emergency number.

Keypad autolock period

— Select whether the

keypad is locked when your device has been idle for

a certain period of time.

Phone autolock period

— To avoid unauthorised

use, you can set a time-out after which the device

automatically locks. A locked device cannot be used

until the correct lock code is entered. To turn off the

autolock period, select






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Tip: To lock the device manually, press the

power key. A list of commands opens. Select

Lock phone


Lock if SIM card changed

— You can set the device

to ask for the lock code when an unknown SIM card

is inserted into your device. The device maintains a

list of SIM cards that are recognised as the owner’s


Closed user group

— You can specify a group of

people to whom you can call and who can call you

(network service).

Confirm SIM services

— You can set the device to

display confirmation messages when you are using

a SIM card service (network service).