Nokia N86 8MP - Create a new access point

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Create a new access point












You may receive access point settings in a message

from a service provider. Some or all access points may

be preset for your device by your service provider, and

you may not be able to change, create, edit, or remove

When you select one of the access point groups ( ,

, , , ), you can see the access point types:

indicates a protected access point

indicates a packet data access point

indicates a wireless LAN (WLAN) access point

Tip: You can create internet access points in a

WLAN with the WLAN wizard.

To create a new access point, select

Access point


The device asks to check for available connections.

After the search, connections that are already available

are displayed and can be shared by a new access point.

If you skip this step, you are asked to select a

connection method and to define the settings needed.
To edit the settings of an access point, select one of the

access point groups, scroll to an access point, and select


. Use the instructions provided by your service

provider to edit the following:

Connection name

— Enter a name for the


Data bearer

— Select the data connection type.

Depending on the data connection you select, only

certain setting fields are available. Fill in all fields

marked with

Must be defined

or with a red *. Other

fields can be left empty, unless your service provider

has instructed otherwise.
To use a data connection, your service provider must

support this feature, and if necessary, activate it for

your SIM card.