Nokia N86 8MP - Ovi Files

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Ovi Files

With Ovi Files, you can use your Nokia N86 8MP to

access content on your computer if it is switched on

and connected to the internet. You will need to install

the Ovi Files application on every computer you want

to access with Ovi Files.
You can try out Ovi Files for a limited trial period.
With Ovi Files, you can:

Browse, search, and view your images. You do not

need to upload the images to the website but you

can access your computer content with your mobile


Browse, search, and view your files and documents.

Transfer songs from your computer to your device.

Send files and folders from your computer without

moving them to and from your device first.

Access files on your computer even when your

computer is switched off. Just choose which folders

and files you want to be available, and Ovi Files

automatically keeps an up-to-date copy stored in a



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protected, online storage for access even when your

computer is switched off.

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