Nokia N86 8MP - Format mass memory

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Format mass memory

When mass memory is reformatted, all data in the

memory is permanently lost. Back up data you want to

keep before formatting the mass memory. You can use



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Nokia Ovi Suite or Nokia Nseries PC Suite to back up

data to a compatible PC. Digital rights management

technologies (DRM) may prevent some backup data

from being restored. Contact your service provider for

more information about DRM used for your content.
To format mass memory, select




mass memory

. Do not format the mass memory using

PC software because it may cause degraded

Formatting does not guarantee that all confidential

data stored in the device mass memory is permanently

destroyed. Standard formatting only marks the

formatted area as available space and deletes the

address to find the files again. The recovery of

formatted or even overwritten data may still be

possible with special recovery tools and software.