Nokia N86 8MP - Predictive text input

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Predictive text input


To activate or deactivate predictive text input, press

# twice quickly. This activates or deactivates

predictive text input for all editors in the device.

indicates that predictive text input is



To write the desired word, press the keys 2-9. Press

each key once for each letter.


When you have finished writing the word, and it is

correct, scroll right to confirm it, or press 0 to add

a space.
If the word is not correct, press * repeatedly to view

the matching words in the dictionary.
If the ? character is displayed after the word, the

word you intended to write is not in the dictionary.

To add a word to the dictionary, select


, enter

the word (up to 32 letters) using traditional text

input, and select


. The word is added to the

dictionary. When the dictionary is full, the new

word replaces the oldest added word.

Write the first part of a compound word; to confirm it,

scroll right. Write the second part of the compound

word. To complete the compound word, press 0 to add

a space.