Nokia N86 8MP - Set up your e-mail

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Set up your e-mail

With the Nokia e-mail wizard, you can set up your

corporate e-mail account, such as Microsoft Outlook,

Mail for Exchange, or Intellisync, and your internet e-

mail account.



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When setting up your corporate e-mail, you may be

prompted for the name of the server associated with

your e-mail address. Ask your company IT department

for details.


To start the wizard, go to the home screen, scroll to

the e-mail wizard, and press the scroll key.


Enter your e-mail address and password. If the

wizard is not able to configure your e-mail settings

automatically, you need to select your e-mail

account type and enter the related account


If your device contains any additional e-mail clients,

those are offered to you when you start the e-mail