Nokia N86 8MP - Accept an invitation

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Accept an invitation

When someone sends you a video sharing invitation,

the invitation message displays the sender’s name or

SIP address. If your device is not set to silent, it rings

when you receive an invitation.
If someone sends you a share invitation and you are

not within UMTS network coverage, you will not know

that you received an invitation.
When you receive an invitation, select from the



— Accept the invitation, and activate the

sharing session.


— Reject the invitation. The sender receives a

message that you rejected the invitation. You can

also press the end key to reject the invitation and

end the voice call.

To mute the video on your device, select





To play the video at the original volume, select



Original volume

. This does not affect the

audio playback of the other party of the phone call.
To end the sharing session, select


. To end the

voice call, press the end key. When you end the call,

also video sharing ends.