Nokia N86 8MP - Settings for home network

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Settings for home network

To share media files saved in Photos with other UPnP

compatible and DLNA certified devices through a


Home network

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wireless LAN (WLAN), you must create and configure

your WLAN home internet access point, then configure

the settings for home network in the Home media

The options related to home network are not available

in applications before the settings in the Home media

application have been configured.





Home media


When you access the Home media application for the

first time, the setup wizard opens, helping you define

the home network settings for your device. To use the

setup wizard later, select



Run wizard

, and

follow the instructions.
To connect a compatible PC to the home network, on

the PC, you must install the related software. The

software is on the CD-ROM or DVD-ROM supplied with

your device, or you can download it from the device

support pages on the Nokia website.

Configure settings

To configure the settings for home network, select




and from the following:

Home access point

— To set the device to ask for

the home access point every time you connect to the

home network, select

Always ask

. To define a new

access point that is used automatically when you

use the home network, select

Create new

. If your

home network does not have WLAN security settings

activated, a security warning is displayed. You can

continue and activate WLAN security later; or cancel

defining the access point and first activate WLAN


Device name

— Enter a name for your device that

is displayed to other compatible devices in the home


Copy to

— Select where to save copied media files.