Nokia N86 8MP - Important security information

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Important security


When you configure your WLAN home network, enable

an encryption method on your access point device,

then on the other devices you intend to connect to your

home network. Refer to the documentation of the

devices. Keep any passcodes secret and in a safe place

separate from the devices.
You can view or change the settings of the WLAN

internet access point in your device.
If you use the ad hoc operating mode to create a home

network with a compatible device, enable one of the

encryption methods in

WLAN security mode


you configure the internet access point. This step

reduces the risk of an unwanted party joining the ad

hoc network.
Your device notifies you if another device attempts to

connect to it and the home network. Do not accept

connection requests from an unknown device.

If you use WLAN in a network that does not have

encryption, turn off sharing your files with other

devices, or do not share any private media files.


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