Nokia N86 8MP - Software updates over the air

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Software updates over the air






SW update


With Software update (network service), you can check

if there are updates available for your device software

or applications, and download them to your device.
Downloading software updates may involve the

transmission of large amounts of data (network

Make sure that the device battery has enough power,

or connect the charger before starting the update.

Warning: If you install a software update, you

cannot use the device, even to make emergency calls,

until the installation is completed and the device is

restarted. Be sure to back up data before accepting

installation of an update.
After updating your device software or applications

using Software update, the instructions related to the

updated applications in the user guide or the helps

may no longer be up to date.


and from the following:

Start update

— Download the available updates.

To unmark specific updates that you do not want to

download, select the updates from the list.

Update via PC

— Update your device using a PC.

This option replaces the Start update option when


Find hel


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updates are only available using the Nokia Software

Updater PC application.

View details

— View information on an update.

View update history

— View the status of previous



— Change the settings, such as the default

access point used for downloading updates.


— View the Nokia licence agreement.