Nokia N86 8MP - WLAN connections

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WLAN connections

To use a WLAN, you must create an internet access

point in a WLAN. Use the access point for applications

that need to connect to the internet. A WLAN

connection is established when you create a data

connection using a WLAN access point. The active

WLAN connection is ended when you end the data

connection. You can also end the connection manually.
You can use a WLAN during a voice call or when packet

data connection is active. You can only be connected

to one WLAN access point device at a time, but several

applications can use the same internet access point.
When the device is in the Offline profile, you can still

use a WLAN, if available. Remember to comply with any

applicable safety requirements when establishing and

using a WLAN connection.






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If you move the device to another location within the

WLAN and out of range of a WLAN access point, the

roaming functionality can automatically connect your

device to another access point that belongs to the

same WLAN. As long as you remain within range of

access points that belong to the same network, your

device can stay connected to the network.

Tip: To check the unique media access control

(MAC) address that identifies your device, for

example to configure the MAC address of your

device to a WLAN router, enter *#62209526# in

the home screen. The MAC address is displayed.