Nokia N86 8MP - After recording a video

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After recording a video

After you record a video clip, select from the following

options in the active toolbar (available only if


captured video

is set to


in the video settings):

To immediately play the video clip you just recorded,



( ).

If you do not want to keep the video, select


( ).

To send the video clip using a multimedia message,

e-mail, or other connection methods, such as

Bluetooth connectivity, press the call key, or select


( ). This option is not available during a call.

You may not be able to send video clips saved in the

MPEG-4 file format in a multimedia message.
You can also send the video clip to a person you are

talking to. Select

Send to caller

( ) (only available

during a call).

To add the video clip to an album, select

Add to


To upload the video clip to a compatible online

album, select (only available if you have set up

an account for a compatible online album).

To return to the viewfinder to record a new video

clip, press the capture key.