Nokia N86 8MP - Capture images

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Capture images

When capturing an image, note the following:

Use both hands to keep the camera still.

The quality of a digitally zoomed image is lower

than that of a nonzoomed image.

The camera goes into the battery saving mode if

there are no keypresses for a moment. To continue

capturing images, press the capture key.

To capture an image, do the following:


If the camera is in the video mode, select the image

mode from the active toolbar.


To lock the focus on an object, press the capture key

halfway down (main camera only, not available in

landscape or sport scene.). A green locked focus

indicator appears on the display. If the focus was

not locked, a red focus indicator appears. Release

the capture key, and press it halfway down again.

You can also capture an image without locking the



To capture an image, press the

capture key. Do not move the

device before the image is

saved and the final image

appears on the screen.

To zoom in or out when capturing

an image, use the zoom key in

your device.

To activate the front camera, select




secondary camera

. To capture an image, press the

scroll key. To zoom in or out, scroll up or down.
To leave the camera open in the background and use

other applications, press the menu key. To return to

the camera, press and hold the capture key.