Nokia N86 8MP - Active toolbar

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Active toolbar

The active toolbar provides you with shortcuts to

different items and settings before and after capturing

an image or recording a video clip. To select a toolbar

item, scroll to the item, and press the scroll key. You

can also define when the active toolbar is displayed.
The settings in the active toolbar return to the default

settings after you close the camera.
To view the active toolbar before and after capturing

an image or recording a video clip, select



Show toolbar

. To view the active toolbar only when

you need it, select



Hide toolbar

. To display

the toolbar when it is hidden, press the scroll key. The

toolbar is displayed for 5 seconds.

By default, not all shortcuts are available. To add or

remove shortcuts from the toolbar, select



Customise toolbar


From the active toolbar, select from the following:

Switch to video mode.
Switch to image mode.

Select the scene.

Turn the video light off (video mode only).
Turn the video light on (video mode only).

Select the flash mode (images only).
Activate the self-timer (images only).
Activate sequence mode (images only).
Select a colour effect.
Adjust the white balance.
Adjust the exposure compensation (images only).
Adjust sharpness (images only).

Adjust contrast (images only).

Adjust light sensitivity (images only).

Activate panorama mode.

The icons change to reflect the current setting.
Saving the captured image may take longer if you

change the zoom, lighting, or colour settings.