Nokia N86 8MP - Still image camera settings

background image

Still image camera settings

To change the main settings, in the image mode, select




and from the following:

Image quality

— Set the resolution (main camera

only). The better the image quality, the more

memory the image consumes.

Add to album

— Save the image to an album in


Record location

— To add GPS location coordinates

to each image file, select


. Receiving a GPS signal

may take time or the signal may not be available.

Show captured image

— Select whether to view

the captured image after it is taken or to continue

image capturing immediately.

Default image name

— Define the default name

for the captured images.

Extended digital zoom

— The setting is only

available in the main camera.

On (continuous)

allows the zoom increments to be smooth and

continuous between digital and extended digital


On (paused)

allows the zoom increments to

pause at the digital and extended digital step point,



allows a limited amount of zoom while

retaining the image resolution. Use the extended

zoom only when getting closer to the subject is

more important than the final image quality. The

overall quality of a digitally zoomed image is always

lower than that of an unzoomed image.

Capture tone

— Set the tone that sounds when you

capture an image.

Memory in use

— Select where to store your


Restore camera settings

— Restore the camera

settings to default values.