Nokia N86 8MP - About the camera

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About the camera

Your Nokia N86 8MP has two cameras. The main, high-

resolution camera, is on the back of the device. The

secondary, lower resolution camera is on the front. You

can use both cameras to capture images and record

Your device supports an image capture resolution of

3264x2448 pixels (8 megapixels). The image

resolution in this guide may appear different.
The images and video clips are saved in Photos.
The produced images are in the JPEG format. Video clips

are recorded in the MPEG-4 file format with the .mp4

file extension, or in the 3GPP file format with the .3gp

file extension (sharing quality).

See "Video

settings", p. 41.

To free memory for new images and video clips,

transfer files to a compatible PC using a compatible USB

data cable, for example, and remove the files from your

device. The device informs you when the memory is

full. You can then free up memory in the current

storage or change the memory in use.
You can send images and video clips in a multimedia

message, as an e-mail attachment, or by using other

connection methods, such as Bluetooth connectivity or

a wireless LAN connection. You can also upload them

to a compatible online album.