Nokia N86 8MP - Install applications and software

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Install applications and software

You can transfer installation files to your device from a

compatible computer, download them during

browsing, or receive them in a multimedia message,

as an e-mail attachment, or using other connectivity

methods, such as Bluetooth connectivity. You can use

Nokia Application Installer in Nokia Ovi Suite to install

an application to your device.
Icons in Application manager indicate the following:

.sis or .sisx application

Java™ application

application not fully installed

application installed in the mass memory

application installed on the memory card

Important: Only install and use applications

and other software from trusted sources, such as

applications that are Symbian Signed or have passed

the Java Verified™ testing.
Before installation, note the following:





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To view the application type, version number, and

the supplier or manufacturer of the application,




View details


To display the security certificate details of the

application, select








If you install a file that contains an update or repair

to an existing application, you can only restore the

original application if you have the original

installation file or a full backup copy of the removed

software package. To restore the original

application, remove the application, and install the

application again from the original installation file

or the backup copy.
The JAR file is required for installing Java

applications. If it is missing, the device may ask you

to download it. If there is no access point defined

for the application, you are asked to select one.

When you are downloading the JAR file, you may

need to enter a user name and password to access

the server. You obtain these from the supplier or

manufacturer of the application.

To install an application or software, do the following:


To locate an installation file, select





App. mgr.

. Alternatively, search

installation files using File manager, or select




, and open a message that

contains an installation file.


In Application manager, select





In other applications, select the installation file to

start the installation.
During installation, the device shows information

about the progress of the installation. If you install

an application without a digital signature or

certification, the device displays a warning.

Continue installation only if you are sure of the

origin and contents of the application.

To start an installed application, select the application.

If the application does not have a default folder

defined, it is installed in the Installations folder in the

main menu.
To see which software packages are installed or

removed and when, select



View log


Important: Your device can only support one

antivirus application. Having more than one

application with antivirus functionality could affect

performance and operation or cause the device to stop

After you install applications to a compatible memory

card, installation files (.sis, .sisx) remain in the device

memory. The files may use large amounts of memory

and prevent you from storing other files. To maintain

sufficient memory, use Nokia Ovi Suite to back up

installation files to a compatible PC, then use the file

manager to remove the installation files from the





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device memory. If the .sis file is a message attachment,

delete the message from the Messaging inbox.